Is people a singular or a plural word

Is “people” a singular or a plural word? 'People' is as well a countable noun as an uncountable noun. An example of a purely uncountable noun is 'water', which generally needs to be preceeded by words that limit and define what the speaker means: 'a glass of water'. 'People' is plural when it refers to […]

Is Obamas speech going to end

Is Obama’s speech going to end? Unless he suffers a cerebral vascular accident, otherwise known as a CVA or commonly called a “stroke”, he is not likely to loose his speech – or as you worded it, “speech end”. There is a possibility that he could become a Munk priest and make a religious vow […]

Is none plural or singular

Is “none” plural or singular? It will depend of the context of its use. IF it is used as a pronoun, is only used in a singular form and it means “Not any”, “not one”, “Not a one”, “no part”, “not a part”, “not a bit”, “not any”, “no person” and similar associated ideas. IF […]