Is President Barack Obama the greatest president in US history

Is President Barack Obama the greatest president in U.S. history?

Either your sense of humor is great or your knowledge of recent history is pathetic.
Here are the data for this statistically accurate conclusion.
Obama does not make the top 25% or even top 50% of all Presidents in US history.
On foreign policy: his results have been pathetic at best.
The Middle East is a total shambles under his non leadership; Isis has grown nearly unchecked; and our relationship with any adversarial state has worsened.
The Obama foreign policy doctrine: Oh, I'm so sorry for anything the USA did anytime in history and this country is no better than any other country.
The economy under Obama was pathetic and anemic.
We had the lowest home ownership rate since 1940.
The labor participation rate at 62% of eligible workers is horrendous.
Race relationships in his 8 years has been set back two decades.
The Democratic Party during Obama's tenure was left in shambles.
In the 8 years of Obama, 1041 positions held by the Democrats are now held by Republicans.
When Obama came into office there were 28 Democratic Governors there are now 16; now 64% Republican.
The number of representatives in the house is the lowest since 1932.
For the second time since 1928, the Republican party holds the House, Senate, and the Presidency.
In his 8 years in the White House, he was mostly liked by most people; including those whose disagreed with his policies.
Another fact: while he was liked, an outstanding 72% of the citizens felt the country was heading in the wrong direction; 72% under his watch!
Now look at the recent Revelations from Donna Brazile and the Democratic National Committee.
Obama left the DNC in a financially abandoned position which allowed for the Takeover by hillary.
Obama was the steward of the DNC and he abandoned them like a redheaded stepchild.
One aspect he did very well.
For a short time, he was a college instructor in Constitutional law.
While in office, the US Supreme Court overturned actions of his 16 times UNANIMOUSLY.
He presumably knew the Constitution yet he did not allow any knowledge to be an obstacle to what he wanted.
Where has Obama done well? There is one day that stands above the rest.
The day: the morning of January 20, 2016.
Yes, the morning this failed President became the ex-president.
Counter points are welcomed.
As for Platitudes and other dribble – save your hate for one why relishes the ignorant who has nothing of merit to contribute.

In my opinion, the worst president in modern history (since the Civil War) was a tie between George W.
Bush and Obama.
Of course, Donald Trump is easily going to match their record and perhaps even surpass it.
Obama will certainly go down in history as the biggest liar in White House history.
One of my favorite political cartoons is a photo of George W.
Bush grinning from ear to ear, with the caption “How do you like that change?”
If you don’t get it, take a piece of paper and draw a vertical line down the middle.
On one side, list all the good things Obama did that you can think of.
On the other side, list the bad things.
The bad things are pretty creepy: Continuing torture at Guantanamo and more secret sites, murder via unmanned drone, the destruction of Libya, the rich getting richer and richer while the middle class continues to disappear, a national debt still increasing at an average rate of over $1 trillion a year.
Obama was certainly no friend of the environment.
Some people claim Obama did something or other to help the economy, but there’s an army of homeless people here in progressive Seattle that might think otherwise.
Other people cite ObamaCare as some wonderful accomplishment.
Again, I don’t agree.
I especially love the clause that allows poor people who can’t afford health insurance to be penalized.

Obama will go down as a below average President.
Big promises, little fulfillment.
I can go down the list of policies he made, but none of them are going to last long.
He damaged his party and legacy by (1) not picking a younger VP for his second term, (2) allow hillary to shut out any “real” competition, and (3) not stepping in during the 2016 election to warn of Russian meddling.
This is in addition to the large failures on the foreign policy arena, in particular, the failed Russian reset.
A lot of his foreign policies “successes”, Iran deal and the Paris Agreement, has been torn apart by the Trump administration.
On the domestic front, the only long-standing achievement is Obamacare, and that was designed to eventually fail.
His handling of the debt and the infrastructure bill in his first year in office showed a failure of leadership.
He thought about vetoing the bill because of the outrageous spending, but was convinced to sign by his staff.
The only real achievement(s) was his use of a seal team to kill and capture bin Laden, being the first black president, and being a good role model for black families.

Not by a long shot if you base your decision on non-intervention and upholding of liberty.
This Nobel Peace Prize President:
I would add that, despite promises to the contrary, he expanded the policy of spying on innocent American citizens.

Surprisingly, not even close….
Unfortunately biggest thing he brought was happiness about fact he was first African-american president aaand…that’s it.
In every other segment, he was just a charming dude and nothing else….
Trump created 336.
000 jobs in less than 2 years while Obama lost 303.
000 during 8 years in office.
ACA didn’t work out as planned nor did any other restrictive policy he implemented.
( sorry gay marriage was cool but right now my lesbian friends divorced and one asks for settlement…only god knows how will that play out)
all in all, charming guy with poor results (like Trudeau)….
which shows us that likability and political correctness is not something that helps people get jobs and put more food on table.

100% not.
Whether Obama was a good President is debatable, but you can’t deny that when he became POTUS he inheritated a situation that couldn’t possibly be worse, maybe only topped by FDR during the New Deal.
The Recession of 2008 was huge and felt all around the world, many big companies still haven’t reached their amount of employees they had before the recession.
Obama implemented plans that helped people and the country, but he wasn’t the only person doing this and these helped less people than they were supposed to.
Obamacare for instance was supposed to help 40 million people, it helped 20 million instead, at least that is the figure you hear everywhere.
In reality it is less, and on top of that privately insured people have better medicare and die less during operations than people with medicare.
Obamacare is among the things that did something good, but only for a certain group of people.
Obama was a good POTUS, but he was definitely not the best.

On an absolute scale it is far too early to say how “great” Obama was as a president.
History (along with perception and media influence) determines the greatness of leaders in people’s (inherently subjective) opinions.
On a relative scale, Obama has an unnatural advantage of being sandwiched between to GOP presidents who are so intellectually challenged that they are unable to speak in complete sentences.
Not that I dislike Obama as a president, but his standing as a president is no doubt over-rated due to his predecessor and successor being the two least competent presidents since the 1800s.
Note that posters trying to prove (or dis-prove) a president’s “greatness” based on short term economic data-bits presented out of context (Obama took over the office in a major recession!) are a good indicator of the ignorance of the populace.
How many jobs did Abraham Lincoln create in his first 2 years?

The number of crimes committed by the Clinton State Department under Obama, which have not been prosecuted, are legion.
The facts are the facts.
The Clinton scandals during her tenure at the state department, coupled with the FISA abuse recently uncovered, implicating Obama knew all about it (see recent released text messages between Strzok and Page), indicates to me that there were some serious abuses of power in the previous admin, and makes Watergate look like a slip and slide party.
The facts can’t be disputed, and if you watch MSM, they are continuously lying.
Yes, lying over and over again about this, sweeping the whole thing under the carpet, or at least trying to, but it can’t be swept any more.
Per survey, now over 1/2 of the population believes that the Obama Admin spied on Trump under spurious circumstances.
To even think Obama was the best president is an insult to the integrity of this country.

Isn’t he in Gitmo?

But that’s not a bad thing.
People always ask questions like how the biggest or toughest, could Tyson in his prime beat Ali, but those don’t really mean anything.
We don’t know if Tyson could beat Ali, or could Federer beat Borg.
He was president for 8 years.
He did some good things and he did some bad things then his time was over.
Objectively speaking, I’d say Washington was the best president.
He set a standard that lasted almost three centuries.
Was he perfect, obviously not.
But as the song goes, You take the good, you take the bad, you take them both and there you have the facts of life.

Absolutely not.
It is quite a tragedy.
He had everything going for him to be just that, but he chose to divide the country rather than to bring it together.
He is a globalist and attempted to destroy our country financially.
Adding 10 trillion to the debt.
Pushing the insurance scam call affordable health care.
And attempting to commit us the a lopsided and illegal Paris Climate accord using the hoax of Climate change to do it.
He could have been a great President but proved to be a racist con artist.

Certainly not.
When he got into office, he had the majorities to really change a number of things.
He totally wasted that to what he called „reaching across the isle“.
That was not very intelligent.
Also, Obama was half black.
Yet he did next to nothing to change the fate of black Americans.
I hand him that he was better than his predecessor.
But that was a really low bar, to say the least.

He's definitely been very consequential.
One of the greatest? It's honestly too early to tell.

If we get another Democrat in the White House, Obama will be even more consequential, since his legacy will be preserved and we might get a 5-4 liberal majority on the SCOTUS.

If we get a Republican, many of Obama's actions, which were taken through executive action rather than though the legislative route, will easily be reversed.
Again, it's simply too early to tell.
As far as I'm concerned, though, he was about as good a president as one could reasonably expect to have and I trust he'll be missed when he's gone from the WH.

I was born shortly after WWII.
I remember Eisenhower quite well.
I was a registered Republican for 44 years, and in my fairly well informed opinion.
Obama is the best President of the modern era.
It is only logical to attempt, as much as possible, to estimate just what more he might have been able to accomplish without an opposing party that vowed to block every single thing he tried to do, no matter if it was the best thing for the people, or the best thing for the country.

Was Obama the best president of the United States?
In the years 2009 through 2016 Obama was the best president of the United States.
Because Obama followed the ratfuck corporate asslicker and failed warmonger Bush43 Obama appeared by comparison to be the best president ever.
But that was an illusion.
If you’ve ever been in a car sitting still then experienced the momentary feeling it was moving backward, that is the visceral feeling similar to the cognitive recognition of the quantum improvement in leadership Obama represented over the smarmy shit-for-brains inheritor-coward Bush43.

If by best – you mean best at weaponizing his departments against the voters and his opponents, and best at constantly campaigning as if he could not get anything done because the eeeevil Executive Branch was in way.
Obama will have a unique place in history as someone elected to the POTUS office who hated America’s founding and America’s place in the world.

If you like race baiting, bowing to our enemies abroad, giving terrorist nations hundred of billions of dollars, the worst economic recovery since the great depression, rampant corruption, wanton lawlessness, broken promises, un-affordable healthcare and ILLEGAL ALIENS, then yes Obama was the best president ever.
So great in fact that he was awarded the Noble Prize for nothing except the color of his skin.

First off, Jimmy Carter is no longer our worst President because Obama gave up more and harmed the US more than any of our enemies ever have.
He double the deficit, gave the Russians 20 percent of our uranium, so much that we have to import it, and he allowed the weaponization of the FBI, NSA, and IRS for political purposes.
He allowed the needless rapid expansion of ISIS.
He also lied repeatedly regarding the failed Affordable Care Act and had the lowest economic growth of any president’s term, for most living Americans.

Was Obama the best president of the United States?
George Washington was the best President of the United States.
Think about what he did.
He had no precedents to follow.
All he had was a book of instructions, the Constitution.
Out of that, he created the first instance of the executive branch of the government.
Some people would rank Abraham Lincoln as a tie with Washington for best.
But Lincoln made at least one mortal enemy.
Washington didn’t.

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