Is Barack Obama an atheist

Is Barack Obama an atheist?

Barack Obama is pretty evidently a Protestant Christian.
Reading some of the answers here is so dispiriting I want to leave the human race and hide in a cave.
They seem to be written by the sort of people who talk ad nauseum about skepticism, rationality and critical thought and then completely leave them at the door as soon as they come across an idea they find convenient.
Barack Obama says he is a Christian.
He has publicly spoken about his Christian beliefs.
The people who know him personally say he is a Christian.
He attends church.
Every single piece of evidence one could reasonably obtain to identify someone's religious beliefs would strongly suggest he's a Christian.
Yet none of this is really important in antitheist fantasy logic.
Because if he was an atheist, he wouldn't have ended up president, so he might be.
True, he's been attending Church since before he went into politics (he was a member of a congregation in 1992, whilst teaching Constitutional Law), but that isn't important, because of the inconvenience.
Also nobody intelligent could possibly disagree with the almighty and brilliant you on a subject you have never seriously studied, and Obama seems intelligent, so he must be an atheist.
Because you're that awesome, your knowledge of religious beliefs that vast and deep, that you can dismiss religion beliefs to the point were anybody who believes in religion can't be that intelligent.
Don't worry about the overwhelming evidence that plenty of extremely intelligent people are religious, because again it's inconvenient.
They are probably lying too.
This is the worst sort of unskeptical, irrational claptrap imaginable.
It isn't just belief without evidence (you know, that thing that those idiot religious people apparently do because people you agree with on the internet say so), it's worse; it's belief despite overwhelming evidence.
It's blind, deaf and dumb faith.
Barack Obama is, beyond all reasonable doubt, a Christian.
Sure, it's possible that he isn't, but it's possible in the same way that it's possible the moon landings were faked or Tina Turner is secretly a robot.
Barack Obama is a Protestant Christian.

The only person who could actually answer this question is President Obama himself, and he's saying nothing.
What I will say (speaking as an outsider looking at American politics with incredulity) is that I am astounded that religious belief is seen as so important in a country where it is legally mandated that political candidates should not face a test of religion.
Since it is a given in much of the USA that an open atheist would be very unlikely to be voted into any political office, I am certain that there is a large number of politicians who have no belief in any gods, but hide that fact from the electorate.
They probably exist in both major parties (though what they think of the religious right's hijacking of the GOP, I can only imagine).
Whether Obama is one of them or not, we may never know.
For now, since the man claims to be a Christian, I'm inclined to take his word for it.
If he's not, so what? His religious beliefs or lack thereof have no effect on his ability to govern.

You are kidding right?
What would make him a secret atheist and why attend church regularly if he were?
To be a secret atheist you would need to attend church, quote scripture and feign piety but really eschew all of it.

Reagan never attended church the last 6 plus years he was in office (his record as Governor of California was similar).
Cited security concerns.
Nixon was a Quaker —— considering their views on war and peace he probably wasn't a real good example of its tenets.
(In fact, if any modern president was an atheist, Nixon would be the one) Jimmy Carter, George H W Bush and Bill Clinton attended church regularly (I think Clinton missed few Sundays in church in his entire presidency).

Eisenhower was known to be very spiritual and religious and JFK attended mass regularly.

If any president was secretly atheist (in modern times), I'd give it to LBJ, a man who obsessed with helping the poor, hungry and deprived for his entire political career with Obama and Clinton pulling up the 2nd and 3rd place trophies.
But I'd give Bush Senior, Ford, and Carter good props as well.

Reagan and W.
never impressed me as being too attached to their stated religious preference but how can I judge that.

As a Catholic, I will tell you that a tenet of my beliefs holds that no man can judge what is in another's heart.
You need to judge a president by his deeds and actions not by labels —– Obama is probably one of the most Christian presidents we have had since WWII but as a Christian, I can assure you, it is not a contest.

Original Question:
Is President Obama secretly an atheist?
My Answer:
No, Anonymous, I don't believe he is.
I also doubt that you have any good intentions with posting this question anonymously, in clear violation of Quora's policy for the [anonymous] feature.
President Obama has repeatedly and publicly stated that he is a Christian.
Why should we not take him at his word?
What leads you to think he might secretly be an atheist? And so what if he is? The US is secular democracy where everyone, including the president, enjoys equal protections and rights under their Freedom of Religion laws.
Which include, just as they do in my country (Canada), freedom from religion.
Whatever religious beliefs someone does or does not have, is irrelevant in regards to their fitness to serve in public offices.
Nor should they be.
Technically and aside from a few (US) states that still have archaic laws fobidding atheists from holding such positions, it's illegal to discriminate against somone based on your religious beliefs, or the lack thereof.

Please think about this question for a moment.
If the president were a secret atheist, who would know? By definition, this would be a fact that he doesn’t share with anyone.
Why would you ask this on Quora, where nobody would know the answer?
Okay, Mr.
Obama himself is on Quora.
But again, if he is a secret atheist, that information is a secret.
So why would Mr.
Obama answer the question on Quora? He would be effectively revealing his secret to the world, because the news would quickly be shared by someone, and some news outlet would report it.
(Not to mention that even asking the question violates the spirit of the constitution’s “no religious test” clause.
Do you think he would really reveal a very personal secret that he has kept for years, just because he is asked the question on an Internet forum by someone who won’t even reveal their own name?
Can you tell me why you asked this question that cannot be answered?

What difference does it make? Mr.
Obama has conducted himself with dignity and grace and acted throughout his Presidency in a moral, humanistic, and honorable manner that some might call Christian.
As such, I fail to see why the foundations of his moral code — whether religious, secular, familial, philosophical, or some combination thereof — are important.
His beliefs are his own business (as are yours to you), and there is that little thingy about the separation of Church and State in the Constitution.
No person is required to pass a religiosity test to become a citizen, to vote, or to hold office.

Did you hear him sing amazing grace.
It felt real.
However I think religion is personal.
If you are a christian and then you say Obama isn’t.
What are you going to say before God when he questions you about this? It has been awhile since I read the bible.
Matthew 12: 25–29 Blasphemy against the holy spirit.
The phararisees accused Jesus of being demon-possessed in stead of spirit-filled when he healed.
Jesus called this blasphemy against the holy spirit which is unforgiveable.
Getting back to religion being personal.
However a man is known by his fruits.
I wouldn’t really worry about Obamas religion.

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