If you woke up with no memories tomorrow except one which would you pick

If you woke up with no memories tomorrow except one, which would you pick?

If I woke up tomorrow with no memories except for one which memory would I pick?
Would it technically be cheating if I use my life flashing before my eyes as a single memory? I mean technically it's the memory of what happened in a singular moment, it just happened to include highlight reel of everything that mattered to me.
When my accident happened all of my hopes, dreams and aspirations for the future raced through my mind as if they were memories from times that have yet to happen… but they were accompanied by everything I've been through in my life that made me who I was in that moment…
That was what made me decide I wanted to live and fight to survive…
I feel like if at least I had all of that left then maybe I would have a starting point.
The trouble is, that was four years ago and I've changed so much since then that if those memories were taken away, I worry I wouldn't be the same individual that I am today and that I've worked so hard to become.
Including most of my relationship with my fiance.
So that could be a pretty big issue for me.
If someone loses all their memories do they still continue to be them? Aren't your memories what define who you are and who you become? wouldn't the person waking up at that point, no longer be the me of today but technically the me of 4 years ago?
And that's not by being able to pick a single thing.
That's including basically a highlight reel of my entire life and yet I still feel like with that being the only memories I had, I would be inexorably changed as an individual.
Therefore this question would probably wind up leading to, if given a choice, choosing death rather than losing who I am.
If I didn't have memories to fall back on, then even the neural pathways that are set in my mind would have no context as to why my brain works the way it does or how I would subsequently choose one decision over another.
I simply could not face the idea of continuing on within this life, without actually still being me.
So I think I would choose either no memories at all, or death.
Even with something as basic as if I were to remember the fact that I loved my fiance, and that was all that I had, it just wouldn't be enough because I wouldn't know why I loved her, and without those memories of everything within my life that made me appreciate one aspect over another within a personality of a separate individual, then there's no guarantee that the me without the memories would still feel the same way for her as the me with the memories…
I think it would be easier to maintain my identity if I were to wake up in a completely different body but with all of my memories intact.
Identity and sense of self are just too dependent on personal experience… I would rather face living with my entire memory intact being stuck inside of a computer then to face the prospect of losing all of my memory and still existing in this body.
You could put me in another individual all together physically, and let me look in the mirror seeing a different face from that which coincided with all of my past memories and that would still mess with my identity a whole lot less than the prospect of starting to pull memories away from me.
I don't know if you intended this question be a deep philosophical conundrum, but you've certainly created one.
Kudos to you.
This is interesting stuff.

The one with X in it….
Stay sane! (Lol is day the best one!)

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