If you woke up one morning as a large bug what would be the best course of action

If you woke up one morning as a large bug, what would be the best course of action?

I like how you worded this.
It makes me think of a military command, like…
“Sir! I have awoken as what appears to be a large bug? What is the best course of action?!”
I dunno, that image just makes me laugh.
Anyways, my course of action would probably be (pun not intended) to terrorise the people, but in a good way.
Let me explain—Every day, I fly out, going bzzzzzzz or whatever sound I make, and everybody freaks out.
I don’t actually harm anyone, though, and I don’t stay around too long, or I’d get shot down, or worse…
And… yeah, pretty much that every day, until I get bored.
Then I just watch TV for the rest of my life (which is funny, because I barely even watch TV…).
I hitch a ride on a spaceship and go to space!
I might scare the astronauts to death, but I think it’d be fun!
See, I’m not impeding on anything! It’ll be fine!

Breed and take over the Earth!

Read Ionescu right away?

Probably to lock myself in a room and hide under the bed.
Go dumpster diving – for food as well as recreation.
Throw out all insecticides under the kitchen sink.
Get outfitted for a new wardrobe.
How many pairs of shoes might I need?

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